The following training courses can be conducted either at your own premises or at the Innovation Accelerator, a state-of-the-art facility at the Wilton Centre Science and Business Park in north-east England.

Introduction to Sunscreen Formulation (½ day theory)

This course provides a basic introduction to the subject of formulating sunscreen products, ideal for formulators with experience of formulating creams and lotions but who are new to sun care. Formulators with prior experience of developing sun protection products may also find it a useful refresher but may feel that the course is a little too basic for them.

The content includes:

  • Basics of UV radiation and its effects on the skin
  • Fundamental requirements for sun protection products
  • Efficacy measures: definitions of SPF and UVA performance parameters
  • Types of UV filters; advantages and disadvantages of organic and inorganic filters
  • Cosmetic vehicles for sunscreen actives
  • Formulating principles to maximise efficacy of actives

Formulating Effective Sunscreen Products (½ day theory)

This course is aimed at formulators who have some prior experience and/or knowledge of formulating sunscreens, but wish to enhance their knowledge and maximise the efficacy of the actives used. Focussed on emulsions (the most common vehicle for sunscreen actives) this course covers:

  • Types of UV filters; advantages and disadvantages of organic and Inorganic filters
  • Formulating principles to maximise efficacy of actives
  • Advantages and disadvantages of O/W and W/O systems
  • Optimising organic UV filters
  • Dispersing inorganic UV filters
  • Combination systems; how to select UV filters to combine together

The above two courses can also be run consecutively as an intensive 1-day course.

Global Sunscreen Regulations (½ day theory)

This course covers the various regulations governing permitted ingredients, testing procedures, and labelling requirements for sunscreen products in different parts of the world, and is particularly useful for those tasked with developing or marketing sunscreen products or ingredients for multiple countries or regions. The course includes:

  • Permitted UV filters in different countries
  • Testing and labelling guidelines for sunscreen products in the EU
  • The new FDA rules for testing and labelling of OTC sunscreen products
  • Testing and labelling rules in Japan, Australia and South Africa
  • ISO standards for testing of sunscreen products
  • Current and future regulations relating to the use of nanoparticles in sunscreens

Presentation Skills for Scientists (1 day workshop)

Sales & marketing professionals are usually accustomed to public speaking, and comfortable in doing so; scientists often are not, and yet are frequently called upon to present at seminars, conferences and trade shows. This course will increase the effectiveness of your scientific staff in composing and delivering presentations that enhance your company’s reputation and promote your products. The content includes:

  • Using PowerPoint: best practices and common mistakes (note that some prior knowledge of PowerPoint is required)
  • Avoiding the “PowerPoint karaoke” trap
  • Know your audience: presenting to non-technical as well as technical groups
  • Planning the presentation; timing, storyline, structure
  • Tips for overcoming nerves
  • Interactive sessions for participants to practice presenting and receive feedback

Bespoke training courses can also be designed, tailored to your particular needs; please contact us to discuss your requirements.